"רק אלו אשר יסתכנו ללכת רחוק מידי, יכולים אולי לגלות עד כמה רחוק אפשר ללכת"

ט.ס. אליוט

My Business Card

Yoram Hattab, doctoral candidate and M.Sc. graduate in business management and organizational behavior at Coller school of management of Tel Aviv university, “crossed the lines” from the screen and stage arena to the organizational and business world, and founded in 2002 the “Human Factor” – a consulting, development and training company, that provides services to hundreds of organizations, corporations, executives at all levels of management, and businessmen in the business, public and governmental sectors, in Israel and worldwide, in three languages ​​- Hebrew, English and French.

Yoram Hattab specializes in organizational training and development, leaders, executives and teams development, personal and business training, mentoring practical interpersonal communication skills’ workshops, in a wide range of applications such as: negotiation, the art of impact rhetoric, initiating and implementing organizational and managerial processes, change management, collaboration challenges,  human interface management in complex organizations, implementation of business strategy, and lectures on a variety of topics from the managerial and organizational fields.

Why to choose me?

My uniqueness stems from 19 years of experience as an organizational consultant, developer and trainer, in a wide range of organizations from the governmental, commercial and public sectors, from the fields of banking and finance, high-tech and technology, industry trade and food, pharma and security.

My uniqueness stems from a combination usage of advanced concepts and theories from the field of management’s research, organizational psychology and behavior, along with professional practice from the fields of personal training, facilitation and groups leading and tutoring.

My uniqueness stems from the use of experiential learning as a leading methodology in all the workshops, trainings and development processes I deliver, and the use of a variety of practical simulations that gives the participants hands-on experience, acquisition of tools, experience of self-efficacy and assimilation of the concepts and tools beyond theoretical understanding.

My uniqueness comes from previous 25 years of experience in the field of acting, directing of actors, script analysis and character building, which gives me practice and deep understanding of the inner process involved in identifying the personality ingredients that are needed for a managerial role embodiment, and the process required to fulfill it in practice.

My uniqueness stems from 9 years of leading and managing the organization and staff of the Israeli Actors Association, as the chairman and CEO, and as the leader of the successful campaign’s headquarters for saving the culture and cinema national budgets in Israel. In these years, I have accumulated hundreds of hours of experience in leading negotiation processes at the commercial and public sectors, and in leading public and legal struggles & campaigns.

Yoram Hattab about

Experience brings wisdom

An integral part of the personal baggage that serves me and enriches the workshops I deliver, is based on managerial, organizational, legal and public experience, which I acquired during my position as the CEO and Chairman of the Israeli Actors Association (Shaham) for nine years from 2000 to 2008. Serving this position, I was managing a 1500 members association, with an array of professional workers and activists, and protecting the employment rights of Israeli actors. Moreover, I lead the successful campaign’s headquarters for saving the culture and cinema national budgets in Israel, and accumulated practical experience in leading negotiation processes, mediations and conflict solving that resulted in signing collective bargaining agreements with all producing and broadcasting entities In Israel.

All the world’s a stage

Yoram Hattab began his way as a theatre, film and television actor and participated in dozens of varied performances. Within a career of 25 years, Yoram performed many significant roles in all the repertory theatres and the leading TV channels in Israel. He participated in many feature cinema films and won many prizes including: the Israeli theater academy award for the promising actor (1995), the Israel film academy award for the actor of the year (1996), the Rosenblum’s performing arts award of the city of Tel-Aviv Yafo for excellent artists of the year (2000), the Israeli theater academy award for the actor of the year (2004), the Israeli actors association award for a for outstanding activity in favor of promoting the status of the actors in Israel (2019).